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Cellular Data is our Core Business.

We specialize in Superyacht Cellular Connectivity. This is our core business. JV|Connectivity understands the services and technology required for peak performance while keeping your Superyacht connected during the most crucial times. We provide flexible access to the most leading networks, unparalleled services, with top-level support.

We are backed with over 18 years of wireless experience and trusted relationships with Captains, Chief Engineers, ETO’s, VSAT, AV/IT, and Electronics companies. Together we take a collaborative approach to ensure our clients have the best possible solution for their specific use case.

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Services and Technology

JV|Connectivity has the broadest range of Cellular Data services ranging from Enterprise-Grade to Unlimited. We understand this niche segment and the services/technology required for peak performance.

Vessels are always on the move, wireless moves fast. We keep up with the services and technology enhancements daily to provide clients with the best connectivity. Cellular Connectivity is our core business, put our services to the test.

Comparing Cellular Data Services

Client Experience Obsessed

Top-Level Support, Advanced Troubleshooting flows, Transparent pricing, and Month to Month Flexibility. JV|Connectivity is Client Experience Obsessed.

We have our client’s back. Our clients take care of each other when reporting performance results on the move. We likely have another client in the same vicinity while you are traveling to your favorite destinations. This allows us to compare the performance of multiple data points, set proper expectations, and take troubleshooting to the next level.

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